Kimberly Rentals Group Ltd part of the £1m Liverpool Media Wall upgrade

As part of Liverpool’s Capital of Culture year back in 2008/09, the city decided to create a media wall on the side of St Johns Precinct, opposite Lime St station, which included a huge 30 metre screen that would advertise local events, blockbuster film trailers and products from some of the world’s biggest corporations.

Although the media wall was origianally planned to be a temporary facility, it was recently given the go ahead for a permanent fixture as part of a £1 million upgrade and Kimberly Access were proud to be involved in the project by supplying the city with our access platforms and expertise.

liverpool media wall

St John’s centre manager Iain MacGillivray said “For the media wall to maintain its iconic status, it is essential we continue to invest in the latest technology and ensure that the fabric surrounding the screen is attractive and relevant to its surroundings.

The screen was recently used to launch BMW’s latest 5 Series model and has featured trailers of some the year’s biggest blockbuster films such as Skyfall and Lincoln.