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Further Investment in Super Booms

Kimberly Rentals Group have further invested in a new JLG1850SJ Super Boom, which is available to hire now.

We continue to invest in our Super Boom fleet and we have taken delivery of our new JLG1850SJ. Read about our Super Boom further investment by downloading the brochure below.


Kimberly Rentals Group Ltd Continues To Expand By Purchasing 15 Genie Boom Lifts

Z 135_1Fresh on the back of last week’s news regarding Kimberly Rentals Group Ltd purchase of 35 new Boom Lifts from JLG, we are pleased to announce the purchase of a further 15 Boom Lifts, this time from Genie.

The order consists of 12 of the 135ft Genie Z135’s and 3 new re-designed Genie ZX135’s. The new machines are expected to arrive in June 2013.

This order supports the Group’s confidence in big Boom Lifts and re-confirms its commitment to its customer’s requirements.

This order will also allow the Group to fulfil the high demands that have been experienced the past few years.

Kimberly Rentals Group Ltd – Ray Ledger said: “This order reinforces our position as a major provider of big booms and in fact further investment in big booms is likely in the next few months. Following on from the order placed with JLG two weeks ago for 35 units of its 60 and 80ft booms, the Kimberly fleet is rapidly taking shape in accordance with our stated strategy of providing a comprehensive and safety oriented service to our customers.”

Kimberly Rentals Group Ltd Bucking The Economy By Investing in 35 New Boom Lifts

600AJKimberly Rentals Group Ltd is proud to announce another round of new investment in our fleet of Boom Lifts with the acquisition of 35 new machines from international and renowned manufacturer JLG.

The new models will mainly operate within the 60ft – 80 ft ranges and combine a mixture of the latest AJ600 and AJ800 vehicles.

This will take the total amount of vehicles in the fleet to approximately 2500.

This order comes on top of the £16 million previously invested back in May 2012 when Kimberly Rentals Group Ltd purchased 69 machines from Genie.

Kimberly Rentals Group Ltd Chairman – Ray Ledger said: “This order reflects our commitment to the JLG product and is based on Kimberly Rentals Group Ltd ability to take advantage of its strong financial position to maintain its customer service.”


Kimberly Rentals Group Ltd part of the £1m Liverpool Media Wall upgrade

As part of Liverpool’s Capital of Culture year back in 2008/09, the city decided to create a media wall on the side of St Johns Precinct, opposite Lime St station, which included a huge 30 metre screen that would advertise local events, blockbuster film trailers and products from some of the world’s biggest corporations.

Although the media wall was origianally planned to be a temporary facility, it was recently given the go ahead for a permanent fixture as part of a £1 million upgrade and Kimberly Access were proud to be involved in the project by supplying the city with our access platforms and expertise.

liverpool media wall

St John’s centre manager Iain MacGillivray said “For the media wall to maintain its iconic status, it is essential we continue to invest in the latest technology and ensure that the fabric surrounding the screen is attractive and relevant to its surroundings.

The screen was recently used to launch BMW’s latest 5 Series model and has featured trailers of some the year’s biggest blockbuster films such as Skyfall and Lincoln.

Lifting the economic gloom

With a multi-million pounds order for 69 new Genie booms, cover working heights from 14m (45ft) to a massive 43m (141ft), the new equipment will swell the size of the Kimberly Rentals Group Ltd fleet of powered access machines to over 2,500.
It represents the largest order for equipment ever made by the Kimberly Rentals Group Ltd. The machines cover jobs from construction sites to maintenance services – any role which requires people to safely work at height.

Company Chairman Ray Ledger says that while investing in millions of pounds worth of new machinery may seem bold during the recession, this is ‘absolutely not the case’.

“This substantial investment in new equipment is based on a deep understanding of our market place.” says Ray, “This order is an integral part of our growth strategy”.

The new machines will be spread across the Kimberly Rentals Group Ltd network of depots; including Wigan, Durham, Pontefract, Stoke and Durham; to 1st Access Rentals based in Motherwell serving Scottish industry; and High Level Platforms based in Poole.

Top tips for safety when moving cherry pickers

Always wear a harness, even when moving a cherry picker (boom) around at ground level.

Machines on site often hit obstacles in the ground surface; even if it’s a solid floor such as a car park. Dips in the surface, pot holes or even just changes in the gradient, can be especially dangerous to cherry picker operators.

With the basket at the opposite end of the boom arm to the platform, moving around a cherry picker on a uneven surface, runs the risk of ejecting the operator from the basket when the platforms hits the uneven surface. Users should be especially careful of larger boom lifts, with their longer arm extensions.

Even the most experienced cherry picker operators should always wear a harness when operating a these machine. It could save them from serious injury. Cherry picker, and scissor lift operators, should always be mindful of what speeds they move around site.

One in five construction sites fail safety checks

One in five construction sites fail safety checks according to the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

HSE inspectors undertook a national initiative to improve construction site safety last year. Inspectors targeted sites where refurbishment or repair work was being carried out with the aim of reducing the risk of death, injury and ill health. Their focus was on high-risk activity including working at height and ensuring sites were in ‘good order’, being clean and tidy with clear access routes. During the initiative, HSE inspectors looked at whether:

  1. Precautions were in place to prevent falls from height
  2. Sites were organised to avoid trips and falls
  3. Work areas were clear of unnecessary materials and waste
  4. Walkways and stairs were free from obstructions

Nearly one in five construction sites failed safety checks during the initiative. Whilst this was a slight improvement on previous years, Philip White, Chief Inspector of Construction, said:

“It is encouraging that inspectors found a slight improvement in standards and small construction firms are taking safety seriously when carrying out refurbishment work.”
“But this is just a snapshot, and the number of notices served for unsafe work at height is still unacceptable, particularly when the safety measures are well-known and straightforward to implement.”

Source HSE website-

Ten Point Regular Health and Safety Check List For Powered Access Machines

Use our ten point daily safety check list for the maintaining health and safety on cherry pickers and scissor lifts

  1. Check that the operator’s safety and responsibilities manuals are complete, legible and stored in the container on the platform.
  2. Check the entire machine for: cracks in welds or structural components; dents or damage.
  3. Be sure all structural and other critical components are present and all associated fasteners and pins are in place and properly fastened.
  4. Check for leaks such as: battery fluids; hydraulic oils; engine oil and engine coolant (diesel powered machines only).
  5. Check hydraulic fluid levels.
  6. Check tyre pressures on machines with air filled tyres and for any tyre damage.
  7. Scissor lifts – check side rails are installed; bolts fastened & chassis trays closed/latched.
  8. Check electrical components for damage and all batteries are properly connected.
  9. Check that the emergency lowering mechanism works.
  10. Check components for damage: hydraulics; limit switches; alarms and horns; platform entry chain and gate; controls; pothole guards and platform extension (scissor lifts).

Make sure to give the cherry picker or scissor lift an all round look over to check that compartment covers are in place and latched.

Kimberly Rentals Group Ltd Wins Achilles Accreditation

We have great pleasure in confirming that the Kimberly Rentals Group Ltd, incorporating Kimberly Access, 1st Access Rentals and High Level Platforms, has secured Achilles accreditation.

Achilles accreditation is recognised throughout the UK construction industry as a benchmark of excellence and the achievement of the highest quality standards of business operations. Achilles accreditation was secured after a rigorous external audit of all our business processes including systems, safety health and environmental impact.

IPAF Training 3a 3b MEWP Training Nationwide cover

Within the Kimberly Rentals Group Ltd, we have some of the most experienced trainers in IPAF courses in the country.

If you have a need for IPAF Training for MEWP operators, our expert trainers will make sure they get the best of training.

Our most popular IPAF Course is the combined IPAF 3a and IPAF 3b qualification, however, we can offer bespoke courses to suit your needs and at your premise.

If you are interested in our IPAF Training Course services, please feel free to call us on 0870 066 6684 or you can complete our enquiry form here and someone will get back to you straight away.


Access Industry News Nationwide cover

The August/September issue of Cranes and Access magazine has some interesting articles tucked away at the back on Health and Safety in the access industry.

On page 67 there are two small news items on investigations into unfortunate accidents working at height, one using a forklift truck and the other a telehandler. Sad to report that injuries were suffered in both cases where the operators had no formal training on the machines they were in charge of.

Tucked away on page 71 on this issue of Cranes and Access is a short summary of the AIF round up – The Access Industry Forum.

Under the heading of “In Search of the Holy Grail – No More Working at Height Accidents Ever!” it summarises the results of a debate from the Health and Safety Expo earlier this year and the commitment from the leading industry organisations including, RoSPA , IOSH, BSC, IIRSM and HSE, to work together to achieve this goal. Copies of the video of this debate can be obtained from the Access Industry Forum website