Ten Point Regular Health and Safety Check List For Powered Access Machines

Use our ten point daily safety check list for the maintaining health and safety on cherry pickers and scissor lifts

  1. Check that the operator’s safety and responsibilities manuals are complete, legible and stored in the container on the platform.
  2. Check the entire machine for: cracks in welds or structural components; dents or damage.
  3. Be sure all structural and other critical components are present and all associated fasteners and pins are in place and properly fastened.
  4. Check for leaks such as: battery fluids; hydraulic oils; engine oil and engine coolant (diesel powered machines only).
  5. Check hydraulic fluid levels.
  6. Check tyre pressures on machines with air filled tyres and for any tyre damage.
  7. Scissor lifts – check side rails are installed; bolts fastened & chassis trays closed/latched.
  8. Check electrical components for damage and all batteries are properly connected.
  9. Check that the emergency lowering mechanism works.
  10. Check components for damage: hydraulics; limit switches; alarms and horns; platform entry chain and gate; controls; pothole guards and platform extension (scissor lifts).

Make sure to give the cherry picker or scissor lift an all round look over to check that compartment covers are in place and latched.